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Our Vision

Providing multi-generational wealth management solutions for a limited and select group of families

The live oak tree, native to the southeastern Atlantic seaboard, is a beautifully proportioned tree. Reaching heights of 100 feet or more with a branch spread exceeding 150 feet and a trunk circumference that can exceed 30 feet, it is a sturdy tree well grounded by its roots. Beginning at about twenty years of age, acorns produce both new trees and food for squirrels and birds. The live oak can live hundreds of years but, to reach maturity it must survive disease, inclement weather and other outside forces. If it does so, it dominates the forest. Interestingly, the person who plants a live oak will never see its full beauty at maturity; nevertheless he plants it with the knowledge and hope that future generations will enjoy it also.

Metaphorically, the live oak is much like a family — many spreading branches of the family; well grounded in its heritage; producing offspring and providing for its community. With proper planning and nurturing, a family can prosper for centuries as well. Like the planter of the live oak, the family member who initiates multi-generational planning will not see the end result but does so with the confidence and faith that this beginning will result in a process which can guide the family well into the future.

Our Vision is inspired by and adapted from Jay Hughes' book Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family. With permission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to oversee and coordinate the complex scope of legal, tax and financial services required by the family of wealth in a manner that accomplishes near term and multi-generational goals based on its core values and shared visions.

Live Oak Family Offices exists to serve only its client families. In order to properly serve and maintain the confidence of our clients, at all times we will:

•   Adhere to the tenets of trust, confidentiality, and integrity as the cornerstones of every client relationship
•   Ensure that all decisions and recommendations are consistent with your family’s strategic goals and visions
•   Align the firm solely with our clients’ interests, i.e. totally free of conflict.

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