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What We Do

The “vision” in action: A Framework that Perpetuates Opportunity for Generations to Come

Live Oak Family Offices manages the process of managing wealth. We help families of wealth ensure the preservation and growth of their family heritage and financial assets. A select and limited group of families share our assistance in managing a wide array of assets and issues – planning, investment management, asset protection, cost control, financial education, family philanthropy, and a host of other needs.

By collaborating with each family’s other trusted advisors, Live Oak provides a full complement of life and wealth management services, delivered in a seamless integrated package. You have but one call to make for a solution to any problem.

What does a family office address? Live Oak...

Pulls everything together ... and keeps it that way

  • We manage your managers

  • We collect and distill advice

  • We procure on your behalf other resources as needed by your family


Coordinates the three "planes of planning"

  • Day-to-day management of your financial affairs

  • Transfer strategies

  • Multi-generational goals, and perpetuation of

Planes of Planning

Day-to-day: Coordination and Oversight of All Aspects of Your Finances

  • Engaging and monitoring the right money managers for your situation

  • Insurance issues – both life and P&C

  • General questions and issues

  • Assisting with 1031 Exchanges

Transfer strategies

  • Estate planning: Wills, trusts

  • Philanthropic planning: CRTs, CLTs, Foundations, Donor Advised Funds

  • Intergenerational financial strategies like growth shifting: GRATs, Limited partnerships


Multi-generational goals: Sustaining and Enhancing Your Family’s Wealth

  • Defining the purpose of financial wealth

  • Articulating your values and passions

  • Providing each family member the opportunity to achieve his/her goals for self and community

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